Limited Edition Gold FiPME early supporters Medal

Limited Edition Gold FiPME early supporters Medal

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****breaking news****

The fuckin' best gold plated medal of the year 2019 is SOLD OUT!!!!

At the moment we let mint the new 2020 version, which you can order now to make your loved ones happy at XMAS.

Of course, on the new medal will be the year 2020.
?? How can we make a photo if the medal is not minted yet ??
... you know the game!

As part of the launch of our groundbreaking game money & services exchange, we have minted a unique collectable solid metal token.

Buying this medal supports FiPME in bringing our product to the market and gets you a unique piece of history - the early supporter medal is a specially minted collectors token made from solid bronze, finished in 24 karat gold, for supporters of our game money exchange.

The coin is beautifully finished in highly polished gold, with richly coloured enamel details on the coin face.


  • 40mm diameter
  • 2.5mm thick
  • 1 ounce, 28g weight
  • solid bronze
  • 24 karat gold coating


The coins will be at you site latest in August 2020.

Shipping and taxes are included. Thanks for your patience.