FiPME Lucky Token green

FiPME Lucky Token green

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Our FiPME ceramic token


Quality and production


Our product is a high-quality ceramic token with a rough surface that is durable and great looking.


Structure of ceramic token.

The structure we offer is the higher quality "textured".

During the chemical manufacturing process a rough foil, which is micro millimetres thick, is chemically bonded to the chip. This prevents the chips from slipping.



The process for manufacturing the ceramic chips is very complex.

A white ceramic blank is printed by Thermo sublimation printing at a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius. In this process, the colour chemically bonds to the chip.


"Aligned Edge"

This means that the pattern of the surface exactly matches the edge and continues to run.

The manufacturer has to align the chips exactly after the edge printing, this takes a lot of time.


Mass of the chips


Diameter: approx. 39 mm

Height: approx. 3.1 mm

Weight: approx. 10.5 g